Dear Friends and Donors:  

St. John’s was recently made aware of a charitable solicitation letter entitled “Reopening of St. John’s Retirement Village.”  The letter describes the plans of a “newly formed leadership team” to reopen the Village as a multilevel senior care community.  It states:  “Pledges are needed now although actual funding of your pledge will be contingent on a new board of directors being voted in to take over management of the Village and receipt of a minimum of $200,000 in donation commitments.”  

Please be warned:   This solicitation was NOT authorized by St. John’s Board. In fact, it raises funds to take actions that are contrary to the Board’s express wishes and directives.  These actions include removing and replacing the current St. John’s Board.

The solicitation is misleading and deceptive.  If you receive any such solicitation, know that it is not endorsed by St. John’s and your gift is not tax-deductible to the extent that it relies on St. John’s tax-exempt status.  Please notify us if you receive any such solicitation.  

California law prohibits using any unfair or deceptive acts or practices or engaging in any fraudulent conduct that creates a likelihood of confusion or misunderstanding.  We have already demanded that the authors of this solicitation remove it immediately and cancel any pledges.  To date, they have ignored our demand.

Thank you!

St. John’s Retirement Community is Closing

St. John’s Retirement Community will be permanently closing by the end of April 2022. The last residents are expected to leave by April 25th, 2022. The letter below explains the reason for closure.  We appreciate those who are in prayer for our community members who are moving to new locations of senior care, and our employees for their faithfulness and future endeavors.